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Relief for Govt. and Hospital

Relief Distribution in Rular Area

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Mask Creation

Tablet Distribution for Poorest among the Poor Students

Educational Institutions all over the Country has been stricken with an unanticipated pandemic ‘Covid 19’, which shook the educational mechanism to the extend where institutions had to take impromptu decisions on introducing online classes to keep pace with the annual syllabus and day to day lessons.

With students being admitted from various North Eastern States, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sohra as a prominent institution has been in the forefront to reach out to students belonging to our Institution and students of different other schools in providing quality education through an online mode.

Technical support is being provided by professionals of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Shillong to ensure students can make easy access and quick make access to online classes by registering at the RKM Hikai Online Portal.

Furthermore, to address the financially weak students of the Institution, scholarship opportunities has been initiated to enable the impoverished students to acquire online classes facilities through Tablets. Certain cases have also been considered for students from various Ramakrishna Mission feeder schools on the ground of “Poorest amongst the Poor”, in which students who are unable to afford mobile phones or tablets they are being handpicked and provided tablets at free of cost.

Feeder Schools Tablet Distribution Photo Gallery


Tablet distribution for students under “Poorest amongst the poor” commenced on the 2nd of December 2020 to the 11 of December 2020. The list below indicates the Tablet Distribution Activity:

Sl. No. School Name Date No. of Tablets
1. Laitdiengsai 02.12.2020 15
2. Mawkynring 02.12.2020 2
3. Pomsohmen 03.12.2020 3
4. Laitmawsiang 03.12.2020 9
5. Laitlyngkot 04.12.2020 5
6. Mylliem 04.12.2020 22
7. Nongkynrih 04.12.2020 14
8. Umthli 04.12.2020 6
9. Umdiengpoh 04.12.2020 3
10. Sohbar 05.12.2020 2
11. Ladmawphlang 05.12.2020 12
12. Mawmluh 05.12.2020 9
13. Mawsmai 05.12.2020 5
14. Laitduh 07.12.2020 2
15. Laitlyndop 07.12.2020 6
16. Lummawshken 07.12.2020 3
17. Nongsteng 07.05.2020 5
18. Umblai 07.12.2020 4
19. Mawshamok 08.12.2020 1
20. Nongwar 08.12.2020 8
21. Umploh 08.12.2020 12
22. Kalibari 08.12.2020 14
23. Swer 09.12.2020 17
24. Laitkroh 09.12.2020 4
25. Mawrah 09.12.2020 7
26. Pyrkan 10.12.2020 4
27. Jatap 10.12.2020 4
28. Kalatek 10.12.2020 21
29. Kalatek Nayabasti 10.12.2020 5
30. Bholaganj 10.12.2020 26
31. Shella 11.12.2020 19
32. Wahlong Mawthang 11.12.2020 5

So far 274 Tablets has been distributed however, few remaining schools will also be covered shortly.

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sohra: Covid-19 Relief Work

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sohra has taken keen initiative in reaching out to communities with the purpose of serving humanity especially the poor and the needy, who are being struck by this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. The Mission has been in the forefront to address this pandemic by earnestly working towards this relief activity through collaboration with local executive bodies of various communities by relentlessly providing food supplies of 5kg of Dal and 25 kg of Rice bags to the deprived families during this global crises. Understanding that health care has a crucial role to play at this phase, Ramakrishna Mission has delegated their staff to lend a helping hand in providing Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) along with the Facemasks to Hospitals (PHCs, CHCs and other health care centres) and in particular, numerous facemasks are being distributed to community’s volunteers where relief work is taking place.

The Relief work is concentrated within the State Meghalaya and certain parts of Assam, with the relief activity vehemently carried out by the support of the Staff of Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra covering the whole Districts of Meghalaya, which includes the Khasi, Jaiñtia, RI-Bhoi, Garo Hills and certain portions of the State of Assam.

With the sudden booming of this COVID –19 outbreak, the society is under fear and apprehension yet, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama has instilled among the workers the courage to contribute towards humanity. Thus, under its purview the Mobile Medical Team assisted by Doctors and Nurses travelled to and fro to various villages and rendered quality Medical help. Amidst this pandemic, Facemasks are regarded as the top most priority as a mean of prevention, therefore the Mission has entrusted upon the Tailoring Department to prepare facemasks, in which the co-workers of this department has put in their efforts to stitch thousands of mask which were distributed to many Health Care Centres, Village Durbars and few selected Schools, as well as volunteers during the relief work.

Current Status

The Mission Relief Work which began its journey on the 25th March, 2020, is currently ongoing and is able to cater to the growing list of appeals. The relief is aiding the underprivileged amidst the lockdown in terms of medical help as well as food supplies. As on 47th Day (10th May, 2020) all essential of COVID-19 Relief Work has been concluded, the food supplies like 25/30 kg of rice and 5 kg of dal (pulses) is provided to 37107 families who are impoverished within the stretch of 1174 villages. Currently, 929.6 tons of rice and 185.1 tons of dal has been dispensed to the beneficiaries in 9 Districts (out of 11) and 30 C & RD Blocks (out of 46) in the State of Meghalaya. With the information gathered through the survey conducted during relief, it is noted that rural families in this region has about 6 to 7 family members accounting to a headcount of approximately 2.31 lakhs. The amount of food supply provided is within the ambit of the lockdown period i.e. 3 weeks or so.

Relief was also provided to some villages in two districts of Assam that are contiguous to Garo Hills District of Meghalaya and the populations share the same ethnic and cultural continuity in spite of the political division into two different states.

Moreover, the Mission have been providing medical relief by bringing patients in distress to medical centres or to our dispensary. Providing mobile medical services by reaching out to various villages in East Khasi Hills District.

The Mission also provides COVID-19 Isolation Ward within the campus of Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sohra, for students who came from outside Meghalaya in co-operation with the Village Durbar Shnong of Khliehshnong along with the Health Department from CHC Sohra, Civil Sub-Division.

Distribution of 3500 PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to medical professionals working in high risk areas as COVID-19 wards in hospitals, Community Health Centres, etc., across the state and providing masks to hospitals, Community Medical Centres, etc. Around 57821 masks were distributed till date; 42221 masks were made in our tailoring section and 15600 were donated by a well-wisher from Kolkata

Methodology of Relief Work:

With the outbreak of COVID -19, the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra has prompted relief work by enlisting a helpline number and circulating it in and around Sohra region with staffs of Ramakrishna Mission being the mediators for this relief. The helpline which has been enlisted has attended to many appeals from nooks and corners of the State, addressing the concern of the people supported with the effort of the staffs has led numerous communities to receive bountiful help from Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra.

Delegation and co-ordination of work amongst the staff holds paramount importance since they are continuously engaged in getting first-hand information of the beneficiaries from concerned communities thereby, making precise arrangements for relief work either in terms of medical help or food supplies or both.

Click here Image for Mask Distribution Detail                   Click here Image for PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) Distribution Detail

PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) Distribution Arcade-


Day to Day Relief Work Activities carried out by RKM Ashrama, Sohra-

Day 1: 25th March, 2020

The relief work took flight on the 25th March 2020, when an immediate call was made to the helpline number by the Head Teacher of RKM Mawmluh, who came to know that a family from Mawkisyiem locality needs urgent Medical help as the mother of 6 children who is the only bread earner, suffered from Stroke with one-sided paralysed. On behalf of the family, the head teacher made a simple request to the Mission to provide Medical help and Food Relief.

The Mission Staffs along with the doctor responded to this urgent call and spontaneously provided medical assistance and food supplies comprises of 5kgs of Dal and 25kg of Rice bags to this family.

The patient underwent medical treatment at the Mission Dispensary and she is still undergoing physiotherapy treatment with frequent follow ups.

Day 2: 26th March, 2020

The Relief Provision Team from the Mission distributed a bag of 25 kgs of Rice and 5 kgs of Dal to 16 families under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District comprising of Lummawshken, Mawlyngkhiat, Pdengshnong and Rumnong villages.

Day 3: 27th March, 2020

The teams assigned for relief essentials distributed relief essentials to 290 families of the localities under three Blocks, with every household receiving 25kg Rice and 5kg Dal.

Team 1 went to Laitryngew, Laitduh, Laitmawsiang and Rumnong, under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District.

Team 2 went to 13 localities under Mylliem C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills, those were Kyndong Nongkynjir, Lumdewsaw, Marbañiang, Umseiñïong, Laitjem, Mylliem, Laitdiengsai, Laitkseh, Laitkyrhong, Maw-U-Sam, Thangsning, Thangbnai and Urmasi-U-Joh.

Team 3 went to distribute to five (5) villages fallen under Laitkroh- Khatarshnong C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills- Madan Lyngkhi, Nonglum, Lumthangding, Ïew Shylong and Laitlyngkot.

Day 4: 28th March, 2020

On this day the Relief Teams of the Mission went to distribute Rice and Dal to 13 villages (210 total families) and localities under two different C&RD Blocks, East Khasi Hills.

  • Nongkynrih, Laitlyndop and Umthli under Laitkroh C&RD Block.

  • Khliehshnong, Maraikaphon, Mawmluh, Pdengshnong, Wah-U-Tim, Mawthang, Ringur, Wahkaliar and Sohbar under Shella Bholaganj C&RD Block.

Day 5: 29th March, 2020

The Relief Teams continued their distribution of Rice and Dal in different villages in East Khasi Hills and West Jaiñtia Hills districts with a total of 270 families.

The Team went to Kyrdoh, Ryngku, Boro Ryngku, Betgora and Pataghat in Mawsynram C&RD Block. Another Team proceeded to West Jaiñtia Hills covering Phramer Village under Thadlaskeiñ Block ABVP, Mootyrshah and Shangpung under Laskeiñ Block. The team also covered the Localities of Sohra for the relief.

Day 6: 30th March, 2020

The Relief Teams extended their relief Provision to many areas under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block and those were Mawkisyiem, Saitsohpen, (Mawphanrang, Ïewrim, Ïew-umleng, Sderkariah, Wahshari, Pommalang) all fallen in the locality of Khliehshnong Sohra. Then relief were also distributed on the same date to Kalatek, Mawmluh, Nongrim and Maraikaphon of the same C&RD Block (502 total families).

Day 7: 31st March, 2020

On this day the Relief teams distributed Rice and Dal to families at Nohkalikai /Palongkaber, Pynshad-khurai and Kalatek under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block and another team went to Police Bazar, East Khasi Hills District (320 total families).

Day 8: 1st April, 2020

The relief team went to Mawmluh under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block.

Day 9: 2nd April, 2020

The Relief Teams re-proceeded to villages of Mawlong, Umtlang and Pynshad-khurai under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block for distribution of Rice and Dal (93 total families).

Day 10: 3rd April, 2020

The Teams went for Relief distribution to many villages under Shella-Bholaganj and C&RD Block. Areas were Umblai, Nongsteng, Umtinghiang (Laitduh), Mawmluh, Kutmadan, Ïew & Jingthang U Bot, Lummaha, Ryngud and Shella (378 total families).

Day 11: 4th April, 2020

On this date the Relief Teams had covered many places under the Shella-Bholaganj and Laitkroh-Khadar Shnong C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills, for distribution of reliefs to the needy (819 total families).

  • Under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block areas covered for distribution were Dukan-Road, Lad-Thanad, Mawkisyiem, Nongrim, Saitsohpen, Pomsohmen, Pynshadkhurai, Mawmluh, Lum-swer, Maraikaphon, Ngam-U-Lah, Pdengshnong, Khliehshnong (Basa ïew) and Laitkynsew.

  • Laitkroh Khadarshong C&RD Block- Areas were Umdiengpoh, Ladmawphlang, Dewlieh, Jathang, Mawmihthied, Diengsong, Swer, Mawjrong, Diengkynthong, Lummawkong, Mawmynsiang, Lumkyntung, Mawrah, Mawrah Rangtmah, Kongthong, Khrang, Mawmang, Pdei Puhbsein, Pdang, Sder and Mawkma.

Day 12: 5th April, 2020

Number of Relief Teams went differently to many villages under Ranikor C&RD Block, West Khasi Hills as well as Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills for distribution of same relief items (Rice & Dal) to the total of 1520 families.

  • Villages under Ranikor C&RD Block were Ampanggiri, Balabita, Chikunbari, Gulsora, Koltapara, Koraigora, Munaisona, New Rangsora, Panchiring, Photkroh, Rangasora, Rudu B, Shippapara and West Rangsora.

  • Villages under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block were Kalibari, Lummuri, Beltoli, Khahamalai, Diengrai, Patharghat, Lubia, Ichamati, Dhorombasti, Diengkaiñ, Ichamati,Khahkang, Khahumrin, Mawbang, Rangamati, Tyllap, Umploh, Umtaru and Shella.

Day 13: 6th April, 2020

The Relief Teams carried on their relief distribution under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block, Pynursla Block and Shillong City in East Khasi Hills. The other team went to Laskeiñ Block, West Jaiñtia Hills (1736 total families all together).

  • Areas in Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block were Alubari, Bholaganj, Dharombasti, Lailad, Majai, Nayabasti and Umdud.

  • Pynursla Block were Wahkhen, Shiliangjashar, Wahlyngkhat, Maw-Ah, Tyrngei, Nongsder, Wahumlien, Lapalang, Massar, Mawpran, Mawsiangei, Siatbakon, Mawshun, Wahkhen, Nongblai, Laitshuthim, Mawlam, Pongtung, Lyndem, Pyrnai, Mawlyndun, Lyngkyrdem, Pynter, Mawkhap, Mawbeh, Phlangtyngor, Rangthylliang, Nongmadanshadsngi, Pynursla, Thiepskai, Laitmynrieng, Nongthymmai Kyndiar, Rimai, Umñiuh Tmar, Wahkdait, Pomshutia, Pashum, Thai, Nongeitñiang, Nongkyndah, Rimassar, Nongthymmai-Lapalang, Lympung Shyrngan, Urksew-Wahpathaw, Nashaiñ, Mawkyrnot, Pomlum, Myllat, Mawkliaw, Dopphrap, Nongjri, Pungweikian, Ringer, Mawsohrisa, Kynton-Sa-Ir, Warbah Sder, Thongtim, Tluh and Khohber.

  • Laskeiñ Block were Nartiang, Wapung, Pamrakmai and Khlieh Myntriang.

  • The Teams went for Relief distribution to Shillong Area which includes Barapathar Mawbah, City Hut Dhaba, Dorbar Shnong Lawmali, Jaïaw Umpohliew, Jaïaw Laitdom, Jaïaw Lansonalane, Jaïaw Lumbatemon, Jaïaw Lumpyllon, Jaïaw Mihngi, Jaïaw Shyiap, Jaïaw St. Joseph, Jaïaw Umsyatiew, Nongmali I, Nongmali II, Polo 4th Furlong and Thana Road Shillong.

Day 14: 7th April, 2020

Number of Relief Teams carried on the Relief Distribution to several places gathering under different Blocks of East Khasi Hills and West Khasi Hills Districts. Families covered by the teams were 954.

  • Nongstoiñ C&RD Block: Villages under this block were Byrkhi,, Diengsyiang, Lawse, Mawduh, Mawkhmah Tyngkoh, Mawlieh (Sangriang), Mawthaphetio, Nongjyllieh, Nongstoin, Pasyih, Pyndem Sohphoh, Sangriang, Siejlieh, Sohlait and Sohparu. No. of families distributed: 178.

  • Laitkroh-Khatarshnong C&RD Block: Villages covered under this Block were Sohrarim and Mawbri. No. of families distributed is 68 families.

  • Mylliem C&RD Block: Under this Block, 245 families were distributed to villages of Mylliem, Umseiñïong, Rit-Mawniew, Sadew, Laitjem, Mawdop, Mawreng, Mawmihstep,Dong Kharsahnoh and Dong Mawlum.

  • Shella Bholaganj C&RD Block: 429 families were distributed to villages of Shella, Pyrkan, Jatap, Ladryngud, Khlieh Umlang (Sohbar), Diengsong, Nongtraw, Nohshut, Wahsohra, Dewlieh, Ryngud and Lyngar.

  • Mairang C&RD Block (West Khasi Hills): Villages under this Block were Mawkohngei and Mawroh with the total number of 34 families.

Day 15: 8th April, 2020

On this day, the Relief Teams continued the relief distribution to villages under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block, Laitkroh-Khatarshnong C&RD Block (East Khasi Hills), Laskeiñ C&RD Block (West Jaiñtia Hills) and Resubelpara C&RD Block (North Garo Hills). Total no. of families were 1667.

  • Villages under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block were Tyrna, Mawshamok, Sohsarat, Laitkynsew, Nongwar, Wah-U-Tim and Patharghat with 252 number of families.

  • Under Laitkroh-Khararshnong C&RD Block the villages were Mawstep, Laitumïong, Kukon, Laitsohpliah, Pyrda, Mawkma, Mawjrong, Mawkynring, Jasier, Joh, Jongksha, Khim, Ladkharang, Laitdiengsai, Laitkseh, Laitkyrhong, Laitlum, Mawkatheiñ, Mawleiñ, Mawshai, Mawthynrum, Mawusam, Nongdawah, Smit, Thangsning, Umtngew Jongksha and Rngidiengsai with 554 number of families.

  • Laskeiñ C&RD Block no. of families were 333 and villages covered were Thadbamon, Latymphu, Soo-Khlieh, Padu Mawjyllang, Padu Bah, Padu Mawsku, Padu Pohklor and Lawdishit.

  • Resubelpara C&RD Block: Mehandipathar with the total no. of 320 families.

Day 16: 9th April, 2020

The Relief Teams proceeded to different villages under different Blocks of East Khasi Hills and West Garo Hills Districts. Total no. of families: 908.

  • Shella Bholaganj C&RD Block: Villages under this Block were Shnong Kawar, Lyngngar, Lad Sohbar, Laittyra, Sohbar, Nongthymmai, Mawsmai, Mawblang, Thangkharang, Rumnong, Lummawshken and Laitryngew. Total no. of families were 351.

  • Mawkynrew C&RD Block: Nohron village with a no. of 139 families.

  • Mylliem C&RD Block: Nongkohlew village with a number of 53 families.

  • Laitkroh-Khadarshnong C &RD Block: Villages were Laitthemlangsah, Mawkalang-Mawbeh and Laitmawroh, with a total no. of 68 families.

  • Selsella C&RD Block (West Garo Hills): 297 no. of families. Relief distribution given to villages of Gandhipara, Gandhipara (Koch), Kuralbhanga, Puthimari and Zekabari.

Day 17: 10th April, 2020

Six (6) number of Relief Teams went to different places covering under East Khasi Hills and Garo Hills District.

  • Team 1 proceeded to Zikzak C&RD Block (South West Garo Hills) covering the villages of Babupara, Barurambill, Barengapara, Gangbanga, Gangbanga Nokmagittim, Killapara and Koinabhui (Vety.) with a total no. of 395 families.

  • Team 2 carried on the distribution to Dalu Block (West Garo Hills) covering the villages of Babupara, Baghana, Baghdabar, Barmanpara (Kukurma), Bazar, Bildoba, Botola, Dahagulipara, Daspara, Fakirpara, Ghilajuri, Gorbuipara, Hriday Pur, Kendrikona, Kudaldhawa, Malidaspara, Malipara, Melapara, Modakpara, Paulpara, Robidaspara, Roypara, Shilghaguri, Silbaripara, Kathalbari, Toshildarpara, Ulubaripara and Zikzak with a total no. of 644 families.

  • Laitkroh-Khadarshnong C&RD Block, the other team covered villages of Diengkynthong, Kyntonsyrwa, Kyrdemkhla, Laitkynsew, Lingkynshieh, Lumawkong, Lumkyntung, Mawmyrsiang, Mynsain, Nongthymmai, Shankhla and Umtyngngar, with 363 no. of families.

  • Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block: Several villages under this Block were covered by 2 Teams on this very day. Villages were Jatap, Mustoh and Saikarap, total no. of families were 112.

  • Sohra and Suburbs: Places under this catergory were Dongskul, Nongsawlia, Pdengshnong (Sohra Twa), Petrol Pump and Sohkhmi with a total no. of 169 families.

Day 18: 11th April, 2020

The Relief Teams on this day covered essential relief to Mankachar Block in Dubri, Zikzak and Dalu in Garo Hills, Laitkroh and Shella-Bholaganj in East Khasi Hills, Laskeiñ in Jaiñtia Hills accordingly. Total number of families all together were 1467 families.

  • Areas covered in Mankachar Block, Dubri were Barmanpara, Bazar, Jordanga, Kachapara, Kacharipara, Kaloghat, Mistripara, Namadaspara, Naya Garam, Old Saiapara, Puber Gaon and Thakuranbari, and number of families were 139 families.

  • Zikzak C&RD Block in South West Garo Hills: Paulpara Village which consist of 68 families.

  • Laitkroh-Khatarshnong C&RD Block (East Khasi Hills and areas fallen under this block, were Umthli and Dympep, with 130 no. of families.

  • Areas covered under Mawsynram Block were Domsohpian, Kmawanrum, Kper Masi, Ladkrem Mawpyllun, Langsymphut, Mawhiangbah, Mawlyngkut, Mawlynnu Saitshylliah, Mawspong, Mawteibah, Nongdommawria, Nongriwah, Wahmawpat and Weiloi, with a total of 119 families.

  • Shella Bholaganj C&RD Block: Mawlong and Saitsohpen with 200 number of families.
  • Laskeiñ C&RD Block (West Jaiñtia Hills): Two teams went to different areas of this block and those were Dong Lumsehkot, Dong Ummulong, Dong Ïawmulong, Dong Ïaw Raliang, Dong Lumlangdong, Moobandu, Umsalang and Musiaw, which have a total of 429 families.

Day 19: 12th April, 2020

The teams distributed essential relief of rice and dal to many areas lying under Mawsynram C&RD Block, Pynursla Block (East Khasi Hills) and Dalu C&RD Block in West Garo Hills.

  • Areas covered under Mawsynram Block were Asimpara-A, Asimpara-B, Betgora-A, Betgora-B, Bordup, Boro Ryngku, Dopho, Khaikuna, Makhali, Pataghat, Purnonagar and Synditoa. Number of families were 621 families.

  • Areas under Pynrusla Block were Diengsiar, Droppharp, Kyntonsair, Laitmynrieng, Laitshuthiem, Lapalang, Lawwahniai, Lympung Shyrngan, Lyndem, Lyngkyrdem, Massar, Mawah, Mawbeh, Marbyrne, Mawkajam Mawkhap, Mawkliaw, Markyrnot, Mawlam, Mawlatang, Mawlyndun, Mawpran, Mawryngkang, Mawshun, Mawsohrisa, Myllait, Mynrieng, Nashaiñ, Nohwet, Nongblai, Nongeitñiang, Nongjri, Nongkyndah, Nongmadan Shadsngi, Nongsder, Nongshken, Nongthymmai Lapalang, Nongtyngur, Pashum Phlangtyngor, Pomlum, Pomshutia, Pongtung, Pungweikian, Pynrusla Pynter, pyrnai, Rangthylliang, Rimai, Saitwait, Shiliang Jashar, Shuthiem, Siatbakon Suktia, Thai, Thiepskai, Tyrngei, Umñiuh Tmar, Urksew Wahpathaw, Wahkdait, Wahlyngkhat, Wahskong and Wahumlien.

  • And 350 no. of families to villages of Jalopara, Chaipani A, Chaipani B, Lokhikura, Middlepara, Paulpara and Salbaripara, lying under Dalu C&RD Block West Garo Hills District.

Day 20: 13th April, 2020

The Relief Team Groups carried on the relief essential distribution to places lying under different blocks of East Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills, with the total number of 1634 families.

  • Mawsynram C&RD Block (East Khasi Hills): Villages were Chirakata, Kamar Phil, Kosudup and Sonatala, with 359 number of families.

  • The individual team groups continued the distribution of essential food relief to Sohlap Umdoh Mawpat, Shella, Khahbadar, Siej, Mawshamok, Lumsohphi, Nongthymmai and Tyrna; Lyngngar, Dalda, Alubari, Bholaganj, Chaklabasti, Dharambasti, Kurikhal, Lailad Bholaganj, Nayabasti, Umdud and Umsaw Maskan; and MCCL Colony, with 785 number of families.

  • The same essential items (Rice & Dal) were also distributed to places of Nongsohphoh and Pomlum in the Shillong Region with the total no. of 330 families.
  • Another team went to villages of Dong Lumre, Elaka Shangpung, Lum Sohsylle, Lumkhangdong, Bhain and Samatar, under Laskein C&RD Block, West Jaintia Hills with a total no. of 160 families.

Day 21: 14th April, 2020

On this day no relief distribution was carried out due to the total Curfew imposed in the whole state of Meghalaya, as one of the renowned doctor of Bethany Hospital, Shillong has been tested Positive for COVID-19.

Day 22: 15th April, 2020

A consigned group went to distribute food supplies to a single family who was struck by an unfortunate event in which their house was set ablaze at Sohkynduh Village under Laitkroh- Khadarshnong C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills.

Day 23: 16th April, 2020

On this day two relief teams were assigned relief work at different locations. One of the team headed to Umkhabaw, Adorghat, Umsaw, Thiew Umtham, Umsaw Bamontila, Gaubara Khasyndha, under Shella-Bholaganj C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills, with a total of 684 beneficiaries and another team provided relief essentials for 81 families at Mawkisyiem village.

Day 24: 17th April, 2020

Two Teams continued the distribution of food relief to two different Blocks in two different Districts.

  • Mawphlang C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills: Villages were Lummonsaiñ, Lyngwa, Madanïasiat, Marbisu Mawsmai, Marbisu Sawlad, Mawknan, Mawpen Neng, Mawpun Neng, Mawpun Rum, Mawshatan & Kreit, Pdengshnong Mawpyllon, Sohram & Lwai, Traw Saitkhlieh, Ummylle, Lyngdoh Raid Marpna, Thaiñthynroh (Lyngiong), with the total no. of 406 families.

  • Laskeiñ C&RD Block in West Jaiñtia Hills: Villages were Jalaphet, Bri Sumer, Paitthlu and Ïalong, with a total no. of 360 families.

  • Another Team went ot Wahtyngngai- Ummluh where 60 number of families received food relief.

Day 25: 18th April, 2020

The assigned team conducted relief distribution to areas under Mawphlang C&RD Block with a total no. of 920 families receiving food supplies.

Areas covered on this day were Dalia, Umkhabaw, Lummynri, Umshorshor-Ri Bhoi, Mawser, Wahlakhar, Umdiker, Ermawrong, Kyrdemkulai, Mawrong, Umkei, Mawlingai, Mawbseiñ, Mawpun Kyrtiang and Laitïam.

Day 26: 19th April, 2020

On this day one team went Mawsynram C&RD Block in East Khasi Hills, another two teams moved to areas of Ranikor C&RD Block, West Khasi Hills.

  • Areas under Mawsynram C&RD Block were Ampanggri, Bolabita, Chijongchira, Chikonbari ‘A’, Chikonbari ‘B’, Kairaigora, Koltapara, Koraigovar, Mawhati, Panchiring ‘A’, Panchiring ‘B’ and Phatkroh, with the total no. of 195 families.

  • Ranikor C&RD Block and areas lying under this block were Rudu B, Shipapara, Jamadaur, Munai, Munaisora, Nolikata, Ranikor, Umbir, New Rangasora, East Rangasora, South Rangasora, and West Rangasora; another team covers areas of Kandapara, Mawshaliah, Nong Disiar, Umsawriang, Pynden Umsawrang, Balat and Phodsteiñ, Nongneng, all together it comes with the total of 507 families.

The BSF hosted the Relief Essential Team of Our Mission at their Campus and assist the team in distribution of food-grains to the beneficiaries. The team spend their night at the BSF Camp, however, the journey to the distribution site was a herculean task, littered with big boulders at many places. Inspite of the tedious journey, the BSF cooperated with the Relief Team of Ramakrishna Mission as a means to serve humanity.

On the following day of the Relief Distribution, the lorry of our mission carrying food items for the beneficiaries, could not reach their destination, simultaneously the BSF offered their help in which the materials are being shifted to the BSF lorry to ensure that the Relief activity is done efficiently.

Day 27: 20th April, 2020

Three Teams for the Relief essential moved to two districts; East Khasi Hills and West Khasi Hills respectively.

  • Essential food relief were distributed to Syntusora ‘A’, Syntusora ‘B’, Kalapahar, Rajai- A and Rajai- B, fallen under Ranikor C&RD Block, West Khasi Hills District.

  • Two teams further proceeded to two parts of Mawphlang C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills and villages fallen under this block were Sohpian, Wahsohlait, Mawkynroh, Dewsaw, Pongkung, Mawtangor, Mawryngkang, Mawlum Neng and Mawlum Rum; another team covers areas of Mawtepïew, Umtyllun Sohsynnam, Lawbah and Mawlyngbna, with the total of 364 families all together from this block.

Day 28: 21st April, 2020

Four teams of Food Relief Distribution continued the distribution of food items in three C&RD Blocks in East Khasi Hills and one Block in East Jaintia Hills District.

  • Areas of distribution under Mawkynrew C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills were Laitdiengsai, Rapleng, Laitkseh, Dong Khapmaw, Dong Kharbuli, Dong Kharsahnoh, Dong Knan, Dong Lumkorbar, Dong Mawdop, Dong Mawlum, Dong Mawlynnei, Dong Nongkyndong, Dong Phie Sdien, Dong Rngikseh, Dong Sohphie, Dong Sohtun and Dong Warbah, with the total of 349 families.

  • Mylliem C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills: Areas covered under this Block were Mawblah, Mawñianglah, Laitjem, Marbañiang, Mawwan and Nongpathaw Sadew, with the total number of 417 families.

  • Laitkroh-Khadarshnong C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills, areas covered for food relief distribution were Khrang, Krohlawhiar, Mawthawtieng, Synrang Shohnoh and Mawbeh Larkhar, with the total number of 142 families.

  • Khliehriat Block, East Jaiñtia Hills: Four villages were given food relief under this Block and those were Moolamanoh, Ladwah Wapung, Umsatai and Deiñsatlang and the total number of families were 215 families.

Day 29: 22nd April, 2020

On this day one Relief Team went to Saipung C&RD Block, East Jaiñtia Hills and two teams went separately to two parts of Mawsynram C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills.

  • Areas under Saipung C&RD Block were Khahnar, Kyrluh, Shyrwang, Mynthning, Pala, Mynthlu, Kremmyrsiang and Mooknor, and a total number of families received Food Relief were 298.

  • Areas under Mawsynram C&RD Block together were Kyrdoh, Delsora, Delsora-B, Katrang, Kenbah Malai, Kenbah (Synteiñ), Phlangwanbroi, Nongrim Warding, Mawkasaiñ, Mawrapad and Lumdiengngan, with the total no. of 520 families.

Day 30: 23rd April, 2020

The teams formed for relief distribution went for Food Relief distribution to Laskeiñ C&RD Block, West Jaiñtia Hills and Mawsynram C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills, covering around 346 families.

  • Laskeiñ C&RD Block, West Jaiñtia Hills, areas covered for food relief distribution were Lumpyrdi, Lumskur, Neiñshnong, Wahshnong and Nongkriah, with the total number of 211 families.

  • Mawsynram Block, East Khasi Hills: Four villages were given food relief under this Block and those were Umlynter, Phonsteiñ Nongrum, Umbir and Pyndendakni and the total number of families were 135 families.

Day 31: 24th April, 2020

Three Teams went separately to three parts of Mawsynram C&RD Block, One Team to Mawphlang C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District. Another Team went to Laskeiñ C&RD Block, West Jaiñtia Hills for further distribution of food relief, covering about 1118 number of families.

  • Areas covered under Mawsynram Block were Dangar, Nongkriah, Pisakuna & Dholai, Pathari; Tilagaon, Lalpani, Dangardop, Pyndenborsara and Dubakhol; Mawkaphan, Domskong (Syntein), Jympait Synteiñ, Kenmynsaw and Nongshluid.

  • Mawphlang C&RD Block: Places covered for distribution were Lempluh and Marten with a number of 42 families.

  • Laskeiñ C&RD Block: Villages covered for distribution were Khloopano, Ïawmusiang, Lumchoor Club, Moomala, Mukoisyiem, Dukhu, Behkhla, Ïongbiam, Ïongpasi, Nangtidiang, Pynkai Colony, Umshangïar, Wahlong Dhar and RC Mulang.

Day 32: 25th April, 2020

Three Teams went differently to different places in West Khasi Hills and East Khasi Hills District for essential Food Relief distribution. Number of Blocks covered up in West Khasi Hills District:

  • Mairang C&RD Block: Villages distributed were Mawbah Bynther and Nongbah Bynther, with the total of 111 families.

  • Mawthadraishan C&RD Block: Dommawlieh and Laitnamlang Village with a total of 37 villages.

  • Areas under Nongstoiñ C&RD Block, were Sohparu, Lawse, Mawduh, Diengsiang, Dikynthoiñ, Nongjyllieh, Pyndenmawbah, Nongsohlait, Mawjai, Byrki, Siejlieh, Wahjynru, Mawïaban and Mawïong Pyngdengrei, with the total of 239 families. laitkroh-Khadarshong C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District: Villages covered for distribution were Mawbaweiñ, Mawtuli, Rymmai, Sohkynduh, Mawshken and Mawtuli, with the total of 70 families.

Besides distribution of Food Relief Items, the Mission also provides Free Distribution of 200 PPE and 2000 Masks to the Civil Hospital Tura on this very day.

Day 33: 26th April, 2020

The Two Teams went for Relief distribution, while one of the Team delivered relief at Dubri, Mankachar Block, Dalmagre C&RD Block and Selsella C&RD Block in South West Garo Hills and another Team went to Dalu C&RD Block, West Garo Hills District, covering around 638 number of families.

  • Places covered for distribution in Mankachar Block were Dighalpara, Parapara, Porapara, Andharkona, Chengjhora, Kanchikana, Chamaguri, Boiragipara, Gandhipar, Tiksali, and Kudalbhanga.

  • Places covered for distribution in Damalgre C&RD Block were Birupara, Dhabgiri, Khombokgre, and Wagopgre.

  • Places under Selsella C&RD Block, West Garo Hills were Shalibhui Goan and Zekabari.

  • Villages under Dalu C&RD Block were Barengapara, Dapgre & Lokhikura, Koinabhui, Paulpara, Dalugaon, Bengpara, Babupara, Chaipani-A, Chaipani-B, Machakpara and Tallanggre.

Day 34: 27th April, 2020

Five groups of Relief Teams went to different districts for Relief distribution.

  • Team 1 went to Khliehriat C&RD Block and Saipung C&RD Block in East Jaiñtia Hills covering the areas of Ïongkaluh and Mookhaiñ, Jaraiñ and Moolait.

  • Team 2 proceeded to Laskeiñ and Thadlaskeiñ C&RD Blocks in West Jaiñtia Hills, distributed to areas of Pasyih Village and Myrjai and Moopasi Village.

  • Team 3 covered the places within Mawthadraishan C & RD Block, West Khasi Hills and Sohïong C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills. Distribution of relief given to the area of Kynshi in the former Block and Nongrngi Krang falling in the later block.

  • Team 4 covered the places of Ghoramara of Selsella Block, West Garo Hills and Garodoba, Sapthoka and Linghapa in Betasing Block of West Garo Hills.
  • Another team carried on the relief distribution to places of Makaburipara, Jatrakuna, Silbaripara, Nagrajora and Cherengpara of Gasuapara C&RD Block, South Garo Hills.

Besides, The Mission also provided 50 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and 500 Masks to CHC Dalu in West Garo Hills District.

Day 35: 28th April, 2020

On this day, five (5) teams of Relief Distribution groups resumed their duties for distribution of essential food relief to the Regions of West Garo Hills, West Khasi Hills, West Jaiñtia Hills and East Khasi Hills District, with the total no. of 1455 families.

  • Team 1 went to Dalu C&RD Block West Garo Hills covering villages of Dhobakura, Puran Bazar, Borjhora, Genapara, Bhatuya, Agitilgri Borjohra, Halchati & Nokshi.

  • Team 2 went to Rongram C&RD Block providing relief to Supari Bagan, Lower Dobashipara, Nabin Pally, Babupara, Sepoy Colony, Reserve Gittim Nehru, Ading and Beldarpara Villages.

  • Team 3 covered 26 areas of Ranikor C&RD Block, West Khasi Hills and those were Ampangre, Bakrachiring, Chikonbari-A, Dulsora, East Rangasora, Kakarkora, Khasiadop, Koltapara, Koraigora, L. Rajapara, Largoa, Lower Koltapara, Munai Sora, Nayapara, New Gulsora, Pancharing –A, Pancharing-B, Rangasora, Rudu-B, Sadorkura, Tibichiring, Upper Panchiring, Upper Rajapara, Wanokchiring and West Rangasora, with the total no. of 510 families.

  • Team 4 proceeded to Thadlaskeiñ and Laskeiñ C&RD Blocks, West Jaiñtia Hills District to the villages of Nongjngi (Longlwit) area and Shilliang Myntang Area which fall under Laskeiñ Block.

  • The other team went to Mylliem Block and Mawryngkhang C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills, Distributed to two villages Pomkaniew and Nongkrem.

Besides, Food Relief Distribution, The Mission also provides Personal Protective Equipments and Masks to Baghmara Civil Hospital, South Garo Hills, which comprisis of 50 PPE and 1000 Masks.

Day 36: 29th April, 2020

A group of five teams went to different locations covering a total of 1793 families under South Garo Hills, West Khasi Hills, West Jaiñtia Hills and Mankachar District of Assam for Relief Work assisted by staffs from Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sohra.

  • The 1st Team went to South Garo Hills under Baghmara and Gasuapara C&RD Block covering localities such as Arapara, Depulipara, Baghmara Bazar, Durgabari Para, Garo Colony, Malikoni, Wagesik, Malikona and Mandirpara.

  • The 2nd Team went to South West Garo Hills for Relief under Betasing Block and South Salmara- Mankachar District of Assam covering certain villages like Benabazar, Dipkaipara, Tangaon, Kuralbhanga, Bandarpani, Dolbari, Makhrikola, Rambholapara and Pokrspara.

  • The 3rd Team went to West Khasi Hills District, under Mawthadraishan C&RD Block providing Relief to villages like Shohphria, Ksehkohlang, Tyllang, Lawrapha, Umlieh, Mawlangkhar, Nongdom, Umyiap, Mawiawet. The Team also went to Nongstoin C&RD Block covering villages like Nongsohpian, Domkohsam, Phodjaud, Nongspung and Syllei iawkhein, which falls under Sohpian Area. Moreover, the team went to villages like Mawlangdep, Umjaru, Mawsiangbah, Mawrok, Mawliehbah, Kaitkohram, Mawiawa, Mawnar, Disong and Nongjyndiang falling under Mawliehbah Area.

  • The 4th Team went to West Khasi Hills District under Nongstoin C&RD Block covering villages like Nonglwai-1, Nonglwai-2, Mawthungkper, Nongrim Mawkhar, Maram, Nongkhyrim, Nongklung and Jaidoh, under Jaidoh Area. The team also provides relief essentials to Nongkhlaw, Marshan, Namlang, Mawkaiang, Thyrlang, Pyndenmawbah and Nongkynjang, under Nongkhlaw Area.

  • The 5th Team went to Jaintia Hills District under Thadlaskein C&RD Block covering villages like Mynsngat, Namdong, Umshangiar, Rod Muplu and Khanduli.

Day 37: 30th April, 2020

The assigned teams of Five (5) covered villages under Ranikor C & RD Block, SWKH; Resubelpara C & RD Block, NGH; Two Blocks in EKHD (Mawkynrew and Pynursla C & RD Block) and Two Blocks of WKHD (Mawthadraishan & Nongstoin C & RD Block), with a total number of 1153 beneficiaries.

  • The First team move further to South West Khasi Hills, under Ranikor C & RD Block, extending their Relief to villages of Rongdusora, Cheragaon, Bagli, Kachusora, Garovita, M. Sora and Nowasora.

  • The Second team was assigned to move to villages of Khardang Hajongpara, Khardang Kochpana, Khardang Rashapara, Tillapara, Bakoldova, Menda Area, Salpara, Harinkata Rabha, Harinkata (Kachripara), Harinkata (Bakra Garo), Harinkata (Bakrapara Rabha), Harinkata (Bakang), Bherbari (Gassopara), Bherbari (Garopara), Milldown Rabhapara, Upper Dilma Apal, Nepali Basti and Medhipara, which fall under Resubelpara C & RD Block, North Garo Hills.

  • The Third team covers two blocks under West Khasi Hills, the villages of Nongrangoi Umyiap, Nongdiwah, Lympyngngad falls under Mawthadraishan C & RD Block and areas of Domwahlang, Mawsngapwir, Mawkynban, Tynrong Wahladew, Nongjyllieh, Nongsohlait, Diengsyiang, Mawthar, Wahjynriew, Mawduh, Sohparu and Byrki, which fall under Nongstoin C & RD Block.

  • Covering Pynursla C & RD Block, the fourth team provided relief to Nongjri Tluh, Nongjri Nongbah, Nongjri Tishang, Nongjri Rana and Pungweikyan.

  • The fifth team went to Laitlum and Laitkyrhong, under Mawkynrew C & RD Block, EKHD.

Furthermore, the team that went to South West Khasi Hills along the Bangladesh border traversed among the most inaccessible areas due to very rough roads. The creaky roads had caused breakdown to our vehicle and are forced to move the relief materials to local all-wheel drive trucks. The relief that was meant to be over in 1 day, took for more than 2 and a half day and they were allowed to sleep under open canopy near Borasora BSF post. Twenty six (26) BSF manned gates had to be crossed into the no-man-zones to reach the last distribution point in Majisora village.

Likewise, the Mission also distribute 50 PPE and 2000 Facemasks to the CHC and PHCs under Mendipathar Area, on this particular day.

Day 38: 1st May, 2020

The Relief Team distributed essentials to various districts of Meghalaya covering Laitkroh,Mylliem, Shella Bholaganj C & RD Block EKH; Laskein C & RD Block, WJH; and Resubelpara C & RD Block NGH.

  • Team 1: Covered villages of Madan-Lyngdoh (Nongkynrih), Madan Football (Nongkynrih), & Mawlein Villages which fall under Jalynteng & Mawkynrew C & RD Block.

  • Team 2: Distributed essentials to Longkwang, Mynkrem Elaka Shangpung, Laskein and Lumshyrman under West Jaintia Hill, Laskein C & RD Block.

  • Team 3: Distributed essentials to Hajongpara, Rabhapara (Khardang), Mendiarea, Nepali Basti and Medhipara under North Garo Hills, Resubelpara C & RD Block.

  • Team 4: Went to Madan Ingsyiem, Lumdewsaw and Mawrie Mylliem, under EKH Mylliem C & RD Block.

  • Team 5: Went to Lummawshken, Villages around Sohbar Area falling under EKH Dist. Shella Bholaganj C & RD Block.

In addition, the team who went to Garo Hills for relief essential underwent sanitization on their way back to our mission. House to house relief essentials distribution was carried out at Mawtharia Village, EKH Mylliem C & RD Block which is under full quarantine. Besides these activities, Medical Relief Team also went to provide quality medical health care to the people under Laotian Village.

Day 39: 2nd May, 2020

The Relief Essentials was carried out in East Khasi Hills District Laitkroh, Mawphlang, Sohiong & Shella-Bholaganj C & RD Block and West Jaintia Hills Laskein C & RD Block.

  • Team 1 distributed essentials in Mawsohmat, Myiong and Mawkdok under East Khasi Hills District Laitkroh C & RD Block.

  • Team 2 covered two blocks consisting of Mawphlang & Sohiong C & RD Block, EKH, providing essentials to Mawngap, Mawmaram and Laitnongrem Villages.

  • Team 3 distributed essentials to Mynso A and B and Khliehsniriang Villages under WJH Laskein C & RD Block.

  • Team 4 distributed essentials at Kyllang Jasap and Sohphoh Pyrton falling under East Khasi Hills Sohiong C & RD Block and also distributed provided relief to villages like lower Laitkseh, Mawblei-Mawjnoin, Pyndenshaham, Marngor, Phyllut, Nongkasen, Mawlaisyiem and Mawkhan Pomben, under WKH Mawthadraishan C & RD Block.

  • Team 5 provided relief to Maraikaphon and Nongpriang under East Khasi Hills Shella-Bholaganj C & RD block.

The villagers offered vegetables and fruits grown in their kitchen gardens as a part to gratitude towards the Mission.Besides these activities, Medical Relief Team also went to provide quality medical health care to the people under Wahtngangi Village.

Day 40: 3rd May, 2020

The RKM Relief Teams provided essentials to Samasi villages under Saipung C & RD Block and Narwan Shangpung under Khliehriat C & RD Block, East Jaintia Hills, where the elders of the Jaintia Region welcome our Secretary Maharaj followed by the distribution of Relief at the famous Menhirs, Jaintia Stone-cut located at Narwan.

Another Team distributed essentials to Khahmuhi under East Khasi Hills, Shella-Bholaganj C & RD Block.

Day 41: 4th May, 2020

On this day the Mission Relief Teams went to distribute essentials to the Districts of West Jaintia Hills, West Khasi Hills and East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, where:

  • Team 1 covered the areas of Nongjngi, like Lumlyngdoh, Lumtrep, Longthma and Longkar, along with Madur Villages which falls under Thadlaskein C & RD Block.

  • Team 2 distributed essentials to Mawkohnoh area like Umsaw, Khyllem, Tiehsaw and Mawkohnoh; Mawkaton area villages such as Mawkaton , Mynni Mawbri, Mawkynrum, Umlipoi, Mawlwai, Kenbah, Mawshong Khyndew, Langlew, Upper Laitkseh and Nongdom Laitmilang, all these villages fall under Mawthadraishan C & RD Block, West Khasi Hills Dist.

  • Team 3 went to East Khasi Hills, Laitkroh C & RD Block which consist areas of Madan-Lyngkhi Nonglum, Iewnawiong, Iewshyllong, Nongthymmai Lumthangdieng and Laitmawlong Wahpein, of which all these localities falls under Laitlyngkot area.

Likewise, the Mission also handed over 10,000 masks to the Directorate of Social Welfare to be used by all Anganwadi workers in Meghalaya. As a sign of gratitude, the villagers offers greens as a token of love and respect towards the Mission.

Day 42: 5th May, 2020

The assigned teams of Five (5) covered villages under Mawsynram and Mawphlang C & RD Block, EKHD; Ranikor C & RD Block, SWDH; Three Blocks in WKHD (Mawkyrwat, Mairang and Mawthadraishan C & RD Block) and Khliehriat C & RD Block, EJHD; where,

  • The First team moved further to East Khasi Hills, under Mawsynram C & RD Block, extending their Relief to villages of Telsora A & B, Wei-Sohpieng, Khabri, Terajamra, Pep-para and Joiram.

  • The Second team was assigned to move to villages of Dholai Malai, Rajagaon West, Rajagaon East, Kalasania, Katradwa, Dholai Bhowal, Kyndong Wahrit, Umlew Noiapara, Umphniang, Iapshynrem, Herupkni, Umtynriew and Khliehriat, under Mawsynram C & RD Block, as well as Mawshaliah Village Which is under Ranikor C & RD Block, SWKH.

  • The Diwahshadmoit and Shaid-Shaid Umoit areas of Mawkyrwat C & RD Block, WKHD, as well as Wahlang area of Mawphlang C & RD Block, EKHD was provided relief essentials on this day by Team Three (3)

  • The Fourth team went to two blocks of West Khasi Hills, covering the villages of Langtor, Riangmang and Mawlumkohkhrang falls under Mairang C & RD Block and area of Mawkamoit, which fall under Mawthadraishan C & RD Block.

  • The fifth team went to Sutnga area, under Khliehriat C & RD Block, EJHD.

Moreover, the Mission also provides quality medical care, assisted by doctors and nurses to Laitkroh Village to cater to the medical needs of the people in and around the area.

Day 43: 6th May, 2020

Three Teams were assigned for Relief Essentials to different C & RD Blocks of East Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills and West Jaintia Hills Districts of Meghalaya.

  • Team one (1) provided relief at Mariem, Mawthawniaw and Dewsaw Pyllun under West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin C & RD Block.

  • Team Two (2) distributed essentials to beneficiaries of Laitniangtlong, Laitmawsiang, Lawkhla, Nongthymmai Umpohliew, Wahrisain and Tyrsad Umskeh under East Khasi Hills District, Mawphlang C & RD Block.

  • Team Three (3)covered two blocks in West Jaintia Hills, comprising of two villages Moolephaw and Nongjngi- Khliehshnong under Thadlaskein C & RD Block and Thadsning village under Laskein C & RD Block

Day 44: 7th May, 2020

On this particular day, the Relief Essential teams assigned by the Mission extended their activities at West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin C & RD Block in which Team One(1) covered villages like Mawbyrshem, Mawlarshong, Nondein, Mawpun Tiehjyrsieh, Spengthawlangmlah and Dongthemiew under New Nongstoin Area, while Team Two(2) extend their Relief activities to Ladweitang - Mawiong Lumsyntiew and Upper New Nongstoin area.

Day 45: 8th May, 2020

On this particular day, Two teams were assigned to distribute essentials to two Districts of Meghalaya, ie., West Jaintia Hills covering areas of Psiar and Khatkasla, under Laskein C & RD Block; as well as East Khasi Hills covering areas of Laitryngew and Mawsmai village under Laitkroh C & RD Block.

A traditional Head Strap known as "U Star" in Khasi Language, is used for carrying loads and the head strap is usually made up of cane.

Besides this, the Mission also provides door delivery to a single mother having medical complications.

Day 46: 9th May, 2020

On this day the five(5) Mission Relief Teams went to distribute essentials to the Districts of East Jaintia Hills, East Khasi Hills and West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, where:

  • Team 1 went to Tuber Kmai area under Khliehriat C & RD Block, East Jaintia Hills District.
  • Team 2 covered areas of Longweng, Jyllep, Dewsawliah and Mawpdai, which falls under Mawsynram C & RD Block, East Khasi Hills District.
  • Team 3 move further to Ranikor C & RD Block, West Khasi Hills covering areas of Old Moilam, Songdongktieh and Mulapat.
  • Team 4 & 5 headed to West Khasi Hills, under Ranikor C & RD Block covering areas of Borsora, Shipur, Upper Lakma, Lower Lakma, Mairom, Ganganaga-B, Alikwarang, Chibak and Konkona, since it is a long distance journey from Sohra, they therefore had to halt at BSF Camp Barsora for one night. It was on the following day that another distribution of essentials took place. This area is one of the most in-accessible terrains encountered during the Relief Work.

Day 47: 10th May, 2020

As mentioned on day 46 (9th May, 2020), Team 4 and 5 who stayed overnight at Barsora BSF Camp, again proceeded their relief distribution on the 10th May, 2020 covering areas of Kiewri and Khonjoy-A which falls under West Khasi Hills, Ranikor C & RD Block.

The uphill task undertaken by the Mission stems out of the profound belief of serving humanity, thus, this fundamental principle has guided the Mission to reach out to villages and enable especially the ones stricken by poverty to endure during the lockdown, the dreadful advent of the COVID – 19 has wreak havoc affecting thousands of families within the region who struggles and toil day and night for livelihood. The relief essential which commence on the 25th March 2020 has continued to serve villages in and around the State and now it has finally arrived at a conclusion i.e., 10th May 2020. The relief journey was possible through the immense contribution made by the private donations supported with the help of contributors, volunteers and well-wishers.

The out-reach activity of the Mission, concerning the Medical Relief is ongoing and the Mission is also hosting a COVID 19 Quarantine Centre for people coming from other States as requested by the Village Durbars( Panchayats).