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 Central Administrative Building Ramakrishna Mission at Sohra is an institution which through its chain of schools fosters and strengthens the spirit of national integration. Man making and character building are our principal objectives in the field of education. The moral values like truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, love for the country, self confidence and other noble ideas and ideals are generally infused and inculcated in the mind of each student whosoever comes to this institution either for training or for general education. It will not be out of the place to mention that in addition to about 900 students in the Higher Secondary School there are more than 9,000 students, including 50% girls on average, at various levels from K.G. (I) up to class X in 38 Lower Primary, 18 Upper Primary and 9 Secondary Schools spread over many far and near areas in Khasi, Jaintia and Garo hills in Meghalaya. -- [Click for Details]

 Transportation of essential services to feeder schools

Academic performance in 2018-2019
  Appeared Passed Division - I Division - II Division - III
Class X 82 82 62 17 3
Class XII - Science
34 31 26 5 0
Class XII - Arts
57 57 40 15 2
Source : RKM HS School, Sohra

Class X

  • 33 students have secured letter marks in Social Studies.
  • 39 students have secured letter marks in Health Education.
  • 29 students have secured letter marks in Khasi.
  • 11 students have secured letter marks in Science & Technology.
  • 14 students have secured letter marks in Mathematics.
  • 03 students have secured letter marks in Bengali.
  • 06 student has secured letter marks in English.

Class XII - Science & Arts

  • 48 students have secured letter marks in Khasi.
  • 02 students have secured letter marks in Physics.
  • 02 students have secured letter marks in Chemistry.
  • 08 student has secured letter marks in English.
  • 01 student has secured letter marks in Economics.
  • 02 student has secured letter marks in Political Science.
  • 01 student has secured letter marks in History.
  • 01 student has secured letter marks in Education.
  • 01 student has secured letter marks in Philosophy.
  • 02 student has secured letter marks in Alt. English.
  • Source : RKM Feeder's School

    Academic performance of FEEDER SCHOOLS in 2018-2019
    Place Distance Appeared Passed Div - I Div - II Div - III Failed
    Mylliem 35 km 34 34 9 17 08 0
    18 km 24 23 10 09 4 1
    60 km 14 08 0 3 5 06
    50 km 19 15 2 7 6 4
    20 km 08 08 01 04 03 0
    12 km 13 11 01 07 03 02
    8 km 16 15 03 02 10 01
    42 km 18 15 02 10 03 03
    130 km 36 34 06 17 11 01
    45 km 15 10 03 06 01 05
    15 km 09 08 01 01 06 01
    30 km 13 08 01 01 06 05
    350 km 07 05 0 05 0 02

     The Ashrama map

    Students are encouraged to take an active part in essay writing, drawing, debate, elocution, quiz, music, drama, recitation and other allied competitions. These co-curricular activities are organised regularly for unfolding the hidden talents of our students. Various types of sports and games viz. football, cricket and many kinds of indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess, etc. are regular feature in the schools. Our students participate in the inter-school sports organized by the local authorities and other institutions where they have never failed to exhibit their skilled performance. In order to infuse special interest and love for modern science and technology into the receptive minds of students, science exhibitions are organised in which many students of this institution participate actively by making projects, models, charts etc. by themselves.

     Mission Work

    Considering the basic need of many students hailing from poor families they are provided with school uniform, text books, exercise books and other study materials free of cost. Students are often given scholarships and pecuniary help so that they can attend the school for education without imposing any financial burden on their families.

    Aimed at developing the spirit of fraternity and a sense of patriotic feeling in the minds of students the school has its separate NCC Troop for boys and girls under the guidance of trained and qualified teachers.

    The school takes its students on excursion to different parts of Meghalaya as well as other states in the country from time to time so as to enable them to be familiar with the different cultural traditions of the society and the Nation. The national feeling in the minds of our students is amplified by making them aware about the vastness and rich traditions of our country, varieties of its culture and people. Each and every national occasion like Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. is celebrated with due ├ęclat, enthusiasm and fervour.


    Inspired by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda as implemented through Tribal Upliftment services at Shella, Sri Tarani Kumar Purakayastha, formerly a freedom fighter and an initiated disciple of the Ramakrishna Mission, started an Elementary School for tribal children in 1928 at Sohbarpunjee village about 20 km away from Sohra.

     The Ashrama at Sohbar

    The school was formally affiliated as a sub-centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Sohra, in 1958 since then all its tribal welfare services are being managed and conducted by Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra. This sub-centre is running one school with Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary Sections with 375 students with 2 separate Hostels meant for about 48 tribal boys and girls under careful supervision of dedicated wardens. Vocational training in weaving, knitting and Tailoring is also provided to a unemployed tribal women.


    Tribal boys and girls from remote villages of Meghalaya as well as some other states like Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura and Assam enjoy the facilities for getting themselves admitted in our Students Homes at Sohra and Sohbarpunjee. There are around 118 boarders at Sohra.

    We are always alert to impart character building and man-making education to our hostellers, either boys or girls, whichever state, religion or society they may come from. Several teachers along with monastic members are always engaged in bringing out all round excellence of students. The students are provided with medical checkup by qualified physicians and medicines are supplied to them free of cost as and when needed.



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